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Your Secret to younger-looking skin. Secret by Cutera is the highly customizable, multi-award-winning RF microneedling treatment everyone is talking about! Secret is helping thousands of patients across the globe tackle their anti-aging and skin health concerns by using a unique technology designed to work in natural synergy with your skin to lift, tighten and revitalize from the inside out!

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What can Secret by Cutera Treat?

If you’re looking for a way to keep your skin looking young and healthy, or if you’re hoping to reverse some of the signs of aging, Secret offers clinically proven aesthetic procedures that can be customised to fit your needs. Secret by Cutera addresses:

Skin aging concerns

skin quality and texture1,2

stretch marks3

sun damage1


enlarged pores4


RF Microneedling

Secret RF microneedles are delivered smoothly depositing the radio frequency energy at various depths in the skin where you need it most.

The Secret Glow

Get glowing with a unique no-downtime laser treatment that brightens and improves adiance. Dynamically treat and minimize the common signs of skin aging by boosting collagen, glow, and smoothing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Gentle Peel

This no-downtime treatment elegantly resurfaces and reveals younger looking skin on most skin types in just one treatment. Customize your downtime with your provider or pair with a Secret RF microneedling session for an extra collagen boost.

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Your Secret to Younger Looking Skin

Frequently asked questions

Secret by Cutera uses microneedles to deliver fractional radio frequency (RF) energy to all layers of the skin, with minimal damage to the skin’s surface. This is a customisable treatment which can be tailored to your individual skin concerns.

Secret by Cutera can improve a range of skin concerns including ageing skin, photo-damage, stretch marks, acne scars and skin quality. Treatment is safe and effective for all skin types. 

Secret by Cutera uses tiny needles to deliver radio frequency energy into the skin at varying levels depending on your individual skin concerns. Unlike other RF devices which only deliver energy to the upper layers of the skin, Secret by Cutera can work within the deep layers of the dermis to help revitalise and regenerate tissue. This unique deliver of energy allows us to achieve optimal results with little to no downtime on all skin types. 

Secret by Cutera is a quick, safe and effective procedure performed by one of our highly skilled practitioners. Prior to the procedure, your practitioner will apply numbing cream to the treatment area to increase comfort during your treatment. During the procedure, you will feel a slight heating and some pressure on the treatment area. For most patients, the treatment is comfortable and your practitioner will monitor this throughout your session. 

We usually recommend a course of 3-4 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart, to achieve optimal results. Many patients report noticing an improvement after their second treatment, however, full results are usually visible three months after the last treatment.

Results do vary from patient to patient, but we recommended additional treatments every 12-18 months to maintain results.

Skin may appear flushed or swollen post-treatment for 3-4 days and we recommend avoiding makeup for this short time. All normal activities can resume after the treatment.

Unlock the Secret to Youthful, Radiant Skin with Secret by Cutera

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